Saturday, December 21, 2013


Hi guys. I am very pleased to create my very first blog. I am very hesitant at first because I'm not that really techie and I couldn't follow computer terms or jargon (haha, well at least for the hard ones), I know I'm such a noob but anyways, I'll be very glad to share with you every experience I will be encountering in the following days and in the following years that I will be blogging. Let's be friends and exchange thoughts. Happy Holidays!

This is the look I wore one time when I went out with boyfriend on his band gig to some English-teaching-Japanese client. I felt very comfortable and at the same time, very sexy with it, plus the heels, I just wore it first time on that event. It's such a relief to be able to dress up and feel sexy without being exaggerated and the good part is, my boyfriend, who happens to play the role as my stylist in my life (as in literally, haha), did not criticize me at all on this look. I guess he liked it and I'm lucky I have more of this skirt in different designs and colors. 

This is my man. I  apologize for the resolution of the picture. It has been taken by my cellphone camera. Plus the fact that I have to stretch it for the page, or I don't  know, I like it better that way than the smaller-sized version. I guess I'd have to educate myself to use one of today's DSLR cameras (I told you I'm a noob, haha).

Somebody tried to photobomb me in the middle of trying to pose a good shot.

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