Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I always have liked making art pieces out of something and beads are one of those few materials I experimented. One night, I can't think of anything to do and few days ago, I've been watching youtube videos and tutorials about how to's using bead as a material so I thought of spending the night making bead art. Here are the products of killing time sessions:

                                                           not yet done, almost there...

and voila! took me 5 hours to make this. 

I got over the hang of making it quickly so It wasn't really hard for me to make the whole piece. 

got to wear it to a fashion show event once.

And it left me with this mess...

Thanks for reading. I've also made some few art pieces out of beads. I'll be surely glad to share it to you all after this article. XOXO

Monday, December 23, 2013

From A Bad Poker Night to a Great Sunday For Me

Weekends are good to me most of the time since I get to relax from work. It gives me the time to do something what I can't do on normal days. Normally, to free myself from stress, I just cuddle up on bed, sleep the whole day and get up when I'm hungry. Sometimes if I feel like doing something productive, I wash clothes, talk to my boyfriend and play poker. 

Yesterday, Sunday, My boyfriend (Anthony) and I spent the whole afternoon playing the game (No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker). We did not have much luck to beat our opponents even if we had the best possible moves on how to get them. Cards were great and the set-ups were all good but then again we always get beaten up by some psychotic random players who only play just to have fun. 

If you're not a poker enthusiast, I tell you, this game is very much different from the other casino games. Aside from the fact that if you learn its psychology, It would be easier for you to read your opponents and earn money from it. It's not that all about gambling. So many poker players all over the world had made it their full-time thing. They even make money out of it by playing online. 

But hey, this is just the only game Anthony and I are interested in. We don't play baccarat or whatever game of chances there are.

Back to where I was, Anthony felt bad when he was beaten up by some moron with a bad beat so he decided to just go to the mall and shop (haha, yes, sometimes that's how he is), stroll and date, its a Sunday anyway. I felt bad for him but what the heck, I don't wanna ruin his day by acting depressed as well. For moments like this makes me just want to stay home, sleep and not do anything but anyways, we kept going.

While we were strolling, we saw bunch of ladies inside a shoe store. When I got inside to check what's up with the crowd, I knew there was a sale. By knowing this, my ever supportive boyfriend told me to get inside and buy a couple of pairs in his expense. I said no at first because I didn't really need it much but he said he'd love me to go inside and pick whatever I want, it's a sale anyway. Hmm, it's a bad attitude to refuse on somebody's offer so okay, I went inside and dove myself in (haha). These are the pairs I got.

First pair, "SNOWDROP"



Second, "LEIA"



We spent only $30.00 for both. Isn't great? Each pair originally cost $34.00 but since it's Christmas, oh well!(haha). 

Some of the girls fought over a pair. Some got dismayed when they didn't have the sizes they needed because the stocks were limited. Some were very annoying because they were putting the shoes everywhere and some were very patient (like me, haha). 

Funny thing about the situation though is that the girls inside the store were fighting for their lives to get the shoes they wanted while their husbands or boyfriends were outside waiting for their madness to end (haha). I literally laughed because that also included my boyfriend, LOL. I actually took picture of the scene yesterday so I can show you guys how funny it was. Here it is.

Go for it girls.

Guys, because you love us, then, you'd have to wait! Haha.

After shopping, we went back to play poker but then again it was really not our night so we went home and just talked and laughed about what happened the whole day. Before calling it a night, I took a shot for both of us.

These are the faces who didn't make it for the night's win. He said, "let's show to them how numb we are already for the bad beats we get everyday, lol".

Again, as what I've said, weekends are most of the time good to me.

Cheers to you all!


It's almost the end of the year and people are busy dropping by malls, buying gifts, partying all night and spending a lot. As I was browsing through my files, I came across a picture of me wearing the "Tulong na, Tabang na, Tayo na" shirt we bought online. Something came up to me and thought of posting it.

Tulong na and Tabang na means the same thing in different dialects. Tulong is a Tagalog term while Tabang is a word from Visayan dialect. 

We got this shirt online for 300Php per piece and that already includes the shipping fees. My partner and I didn't really have the time to go out and help repacking of relief goods for Yolanda victims (also called Haiyan), as what all the other do, so he thought of something else that we can somehow reach out help.

We have had previous bad experiences in the country. Since the start of the year, we've been through calamities devastating huge numbers of groups of people in different regions. Floods are everywhere, human errors causing fires and even tornadoes came to the scene and the presence of Typhoon Haiyan just made it even worst for the Filipino people. 

Even through all that, the Filipinos remained resilient and inspired to get back on their knees and started everything all over again. Most Filipinos are born catholic and we have the ability to withstand difficulties. We even smile and laugh at everything in spite of all the bad things that happened.

Well again, Christmas is just around the corner and we can't just let it pass by without thanking the Lord for how still blessed we are for having a life after every adversities we encountered. After all, we can still say a Merry Christmas and a Hopeful Happy New Year!

This is a different look I came up with wearing the same shirt. We had to attend a concert for a cause for the typhoon victims. Cheers!

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Hi guys. I am very pleased to create my very first blog. I am very hesitant at first because I'm not that really techie and I couldn't follow computer terms or jargon (haha, well at least for the hard ones), I know I'm such a noob but anyways, I'll be very glad to share with you every experience I will be encountering in the following days and in the following years that I will be blogging. Let's be friends and exchange thoughts. Happy Holidays!

This is the look I wore one time when I went out with boyfriend on his band gig to some English-teaching-Japanese client. I felt very comfortable and at the same time, very sexy with it, plus the heels, I just wore it first time on that event. It's such a relief to be able to dress up and feel sexy without being exaggerated and the good part is, my boyfriend, who happens to play the role as my stylist in my life (as in literally, haha), did not criticize me at all on this look. I guess he liked it and I'm lucky I have more of this skirt in different designs and colors. 

This is my man. I  apologize for the resolution of the picture. It has been taken by my cellphone camera. Plus the fact that I have to stretch it for the page, or I don't  know, I like it better that way than the smaller-sized version. I guess I'd have to educate myself to use one of today's DSLR cameras (I told you I'm a noob, haha).

Somebody tried to photobomb me in the middle of trying to pose a good shot.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Being a front liner in a fashion merchandise is not that easy. You get to talk to clients, talk to different people, deal with different attitudes and the hard part of  being rejected by some. Sales is the main thing. But the good thing about this job is that I get to dress and come up with a look whatever I want and that boosts my positive outlook to whatever it is that I need to do for the day.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dream when you know it's hard to do such thing in the moment of time. Learn to not think of what there is to hardly happen. When the right moment is finally there, grab it and never let anything hold you back from doing it.